UCanNow 005: In conversation with Al Runt

Al_Runt_UCanNowHey folks,

We’re back! And I promise this time we’re going to keep this Ex-lax regular!

Had a great afternoon with Toronto visual artist Al Runt and we talked about his journey to becoming a notable and recognizable name in the art community, his take on that, and what he thinks about the art community, charging for his work and more.

Al has a really cool studio in the east end of Toronto and we spent the later part of an afternoon hanging out and getting to know one another a bit. I think you’ll enjoy the results

Check out some of these cool links below:

Al Runt’s Website
Runt – The Movie
The Silver Snail
Pabst Blue Ribbon
The Putting Edge
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Indie 88
Electric Mud
Lee’s Palace
The Cameron
Super Wonder Gallery
Plywood Collective
The Flying Pony

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