I’ve started this podcast as way to introduce unique Canadians to Canadians themselves. Ask anybody and they can list off many American actors, sports figures, artists, writers, musicians…. but ask them to name five notable Canadians and you’ll most likely be met with a blank stare.

My professional background is in publishing. I created and was the editor in chief of Razor magazine and had the good fortune to distribute that publication North America wide. Along with my business partners, we competed head to head with Maxim, FHM, Details and even GQ. It was a thrilling time. With no background in the industry the challenge was daunting but we held our own for a while. However that demographic changed and business and partnerships being what they are… we soon disbanded. That led me to change gears and launch a music publication (Strutter) and Fit Parent, which targeted healthy families.

But as technology changes so too must we change –  adapting to the times, the gadgets and the audience.

I hope you’ll tune in to U(nique) Can(adians) Now – and I’m hoping we can make their names resonate as loud as their talent.