New intro!

Check out the new Podcast intro! Our show launches on Sept 30th – National Podcast Day! September 30 has been deemed “National Podcast Day” in a charge led by Steve Lee, founder of NetcastStudio, a highly regarded podcast network. “September 30th will be a day to celebrate podcast producers, a day to celebrate podcast listeners,” said Steve Lee, founder of Continue reading

Bob Lefsetz on Sarah Polley

Stories We Tell

I’m not a big fan of Bob Lefsetz – I do read his posts now and again and I am a subscriber to his newsletter so I get them.. all of them. Many times I agree with Bob, many times I don’t… but it was refreshing to get his latest newsletter and a piece that extolls the virtues of Sarah Continue reading


Studio gear

I thought I’d kick things off by saying thank you for dropping by. I’m currently prepping the show and gathering gear and hope to launch in the coming weeks. Next week I will showcase the start-up gear for anyone interested… not going to be doing in-studio interviews right now but rather going out on-location. I’m putting together a mobile podcast Continue reading