troy hurtubiseTroy Hurtubise is a Maverick for sure. He’s also a friend. I met Troy about 15 years ago when I was still publishing Razor magazine. I was intrigued by this crazy outdoors man / inventor I had seen in the National Film Board documentary, Project Grizzly. But Troy proved to be much more than just some guy in a Robocop style suit chasing bears in northern Alberta.  He was more genius than goofball and certainly more passionate about so many different projects that were all designed to better Canada and the planet.

I’ve lost touch with Troy but I am endeavoring to track him down and get him on the show – it will be well worth the effort.

UCanNow 001: In conversation with Rude van Steenes of Arson

arson2Well here we are folks. This is episode #1 of the UCanNow podcast.

I’m going to attempt to introduce you to as many unique Canadians as I can, and hope that you can take away something that might make you want to show your support beyond this podcast. Canada is rich in talent of all kinds – actors, directors, writers, musicians, businessmen, inventors… and the list goes on. The unfortunate thing is we are lax in our recognition of this talent until it goes away and finds success somewhere else.

In this episode, I talk about about punk rock music in the 1970s… the formation of the iconic band Arson, and get into the mind of singer/songwriter Rude van Steenes.

You can visit Arson online at

And you can find Rude on Facebook at


Bob Lefsetz on Sarah Polley

Stories We TellI’m not a big fan of Bob Lefsetz – I do read his posts now and again and I am a subscriber to his newsletter so I get them.. all of them. Many times I agree with Bob, many times I don’t… but it was refreshing to get his latest newsletter and a piece that extolls the virtues of Sarah Polley’s film Stories We Tell which is currently available on Netflix.

Sarah is one of our great talents and I personally have enjoyed watching her grow from a young waif to mature filmmaker and create truisms that are sometimes painful to watch.

Bob has a very large mailing list and I hope that his readers tune in…  you can read his post here.


Studio gearI thought I’d kick things off by saying thank you for dropping by. I’m currently prepping the show and gathering gear and hope to launch in the coming weeks. Next week I will showcase the start-up gear for anyone interested… not going to be doing in-studio interviews right now but rather going out on-location. I’m putting together a mobile podcast rig that I can take out to interviews so I can capture some cool photos of the locale to let you in on how things unfolded.

So stay tuned… I think this is going to be fun!